Summer Development Camp

July 22nd-24th  from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Similar to the Summer Kick-off Camp, this 3 day camp will be organized and run by Toby Anderson, who is a former Golden Gopher pitcher and now a full-time Cages instructor. The Development Camp is for all players of all skill levels looking to make progress as a baseball player as a whole, starting with the basic fundamentals of the game. As with any good camp there will be dedicated times during the day to play games and make the kids fall in love baseball more than they already do. The 3 days will have a focus on every aspect of the game of baseball where the kids will learn new skills and develop the skills they already have. Lunch WILL be provided each day. Sign up today and become a better all-around baseball player!

Canes for Lunch!!!
Ages: 8-13


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