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Summer Kick-Off Camp

June 18th-21st from 10:00am - 2:00pm

he 2nd annual Summer Kick-Off Camp will be run and organized by Toby Anderson who is a full-time instructor at The Cages and a former Golden Gopher baseball pitcher. This 4 day camp will focus on everything baseball from hitting, fielding, pitching, to base-running and of course, games! This camp is for all ages, anyone who loves baseball and wants to create and develop new skills, this is the camp for them!! The days will be split up into two halves, the first being focused on skills, and drills for every baseball player to work on. The second half will be dedicated to having fun while playing the game, with games ranging from throwing relay races, to wiffle- ball games, and much more. Lunch WILL be provided all 4 days for the kids. Sign up and have a great week of baseball instruction and fun.