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The Cages Golf Simulator

Our Golf Simulator features a state-of-the-art Sports Coach golf simulator. Players can choose from nearly 70 courses from all over the world, or hit the range and improve their games.  Our simulator provides players with real time shot simulation along with valuable metrics including club path, swing speed, launch angle, spin rate and so much more.  Sign up as an individual for a virtual get away, or reserve it with a group and compete against each other!  The Cages Golf Simulator is perfect for bachelor parties, birthday parties, family outings, and a host of other occasion.  For more information regarding the simulator please contact Jack McDevitt directly any 952-905-0034.  

Per Hour Rates:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm:     $24.99

Mon - Fri: 5pm - 10pm:   $29.99

Saturday:  $29.99

Saturday:  $29.99

Punch Card (10 Hours): $274.99

Approximate Round Times:

1 Player: 1 Hour 

2 Players: 2 Hours

3 Players:  3 Hours 

4 Players: 4 Hours 

*These hours are approximate, variation in round length will depend in skill of individual golfers and time between shots*

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many other players may I bring in the simulator with me?

A: You may bring up to 3 other players (4 total) in the simulator with you.  

Q:  May I bring food or drink into the simulator with me?

A: Yes, food and drink are allowed to be brought into the simulator.  Players will be held responsible for clean up and charged for damage for excessive clean up. 

Q:  Do you rent clubs?

A:  No The Cages does not have club rentals.  Players are expected to bring their own clubs. 

Q:  How accurate is the simulator?

A:  The Sports Coach Golf Simulator is a new model that provides players with realistic simulations of every golf shot from putting to driving the ball.  Players are able to view metrics on each swing including but not limited to swing path, club head speed, launch angle, spin, and so much more.  Like any 'simulator' cameras may miss read from time to time making the mulligan option an easy fix.  

Q: What do I do when I get to the cages for my tee time?

A:  Check in at the main front desk upon arrival.  The Cages staff will aid you in setting up your simulator season and be there to answer any questions. 

Simulator Rules and Regulations:

  1.  Players book times per hour and may bring up to 4 other players in the simulator room with them.
  2.  Players may bring food and drink in the simulator room but will be held responsible for cleaning up and for any damage caused.
  3.  Absolutely NO horseplay - players will be responsible for damage caused voluntary or otherwise. 
  4. Golf soft spikes are allowed.
  5. Please bring your own balls and tees. 
  6. The Cages and staff reserve the right to end a session at any time without refund if they feel the simulator is being misused or for other behavior deemed to be inappropriate to the establishment.